We are MasterNodes Based Exchange Commissions

LENO is Protected, Secure and Quick yet in addition is coming to make Exchange smooth and expenses killed. We urge our clients not to squander their resources by paying fees. Everyone can put resources into our project, hold a few and no compelling reason to pay commission as per LENO holding.

What is LENO?

LENO is a blockchain-based MasterNode resource with comparable usefulness to Bitcoin, Ether and Online money; it can hold esteem and be sent and gotten.

LENO's Objective

LENO is an undertaking that means to offer conventional monetary types of assistance for cryptographic money projects, just as private clients. The undertaking's primary goal is to address the issues of the two people and different tasks of the area, and give admittance to speculation items, just as to the crypto exchanging markets.The task intends to offer conventional fiat banking and monetary administrations for organizations and people, notwithstanding business benefits that will permit exchanging on stock and crypto markets. Brokers and financial backers would likewise get admittance to the most famous crypto venture instruments through LenoEX stage. This incorporates exchange replicating, portfolio the executives, social exchanging, and other comparative devices. Also, every crypto client would access online crypto exchanging, including protections and utilities.

Appropriating Benefits

We are here also to appropriate benefits to all, changing traditonal approaches of trades.

Centralized Exchange

LENO Purchasers can hold their resources on LenoEX , our own private Trade, We can possibly be accomplice of numerous wallets and trades.

LENOCOIN Structure

LENO MasterNode its a PIVX based code that will do numerous valuable and significant changes in cryptocurency world.

Our Central Goal

LENO never under any circumstance limit any nations or populace, we all are the equivalent. We will make an overall token and stage. We are head of Neural organization structures in Iran and will improve our tasks altogether of the country.

Crypto Pool

We as a solid group of develpoers and expert colleagues, we chose and made as of now pool alongside trade to offer capacity to LENOCOIN. We will make our clients top ones.

Our Recommendation

For the cryptographic money financial backer hoping to take advantage of the host of new speculation openings while staying protected from deceitful Crypto Project and questionable coins and tokens, the possibility can be overwhelming. Blockchain and cryptographic money innovation is creating at a quick speed, and even experienced financial backers may think that its difficult to stay aware of the phrasing. While there's no assurance that any cryptographic money or blockchain-related startup will be authentic or effective, the means illustrated beneath can assist you with being just about as certain as conceivable that you're not falling for a trick.


We are here to associate with all clients in various information levels, on the off chance that you have any even straightforward inquiries, we can help you, dont waver. Some of basic inquiries that you may get a kick out of the chance to know as following.

A blockchain is a digital record of transactions. The name comes from its structure, in which individual records, called blocks, are linked together in single list, called a chain. Each transaction added to a blockchain is validated by multiple computers on the Internet.

MasterNodes are part of the infrastructure that sustains cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Dash. Unlike regular Nodes, MasterNodes do not add new blocks of transactions to the blockchain. Instead, they verify new blocks and perform special roles in governing the blockchain.

Here you can download and study LENO whitepaper to understand powerful spots of our project. We are delighted you are going to scrutinize our project details.

Innovation is tokenizing trade fees for trade-makers. We believe you can save these fees for yourself and in our exchange, market-makers that hold leno in their wallet, dont need to pay any trade fees.

Our platform will be released as a beta version from 1st January 2022

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